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Marketing Managers and Marketing Teams face rising calls for customer success stories. The problem? Most teams lack the resources to shoulder these complex projects. Persuasive customer case studies are a challenge to produce. Deadlines get pushed back. Projects falter midway.

When firms contract this work, they face another challenge: who to hire? A writer isn't enough. Case study projects require more than writing. You also need a project manager, a researcher, a designer, an interviewer and a system you trust with your customers.

We take care of your customer success stories for you. Our team gets your customer's best story told without handholding.


  • 1
    The Sales Department needs customer success stories.
  • 2
    Realization sets in—case studies are complex content projects.
  • 3
    You decide to outsource the project to experts.
  • 4
    A search for copywriters turns up little.
  • 5
    You look at agencies…but agencies farm out case studies to generalist copywriters.
  • 6
    Frustrated, you bring the project back in-house.
  • 7
    You choose someone to take on the project.
  • 8
    They spend hours with poor sources struggling to acquire domain knowledge they won't use again.
  • 9
    They devise an impromptu approach to case study writing.
  • 10
    They interview your customer.
  • 11
    The interview comes up short after key questions aren’t asked.
  • 12
    You now face a terrible choice—request a second interview (annoying the client) or end the project?
  • 13
    Inferior case study produced or project stalls as other content takes precedence.


  • 1
    The Sales Department needs customer success stories.
  • 2
    We take the project off your hands and update you along the way—saving you time and money.
  • 3
    Receive your perfect case study in record time.

How We Meet Deadlines



Start with a plan

Good planning yields better case studies sooner. Before we write a word, we study your product (or service), your messaging and your customer. You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint. You don't want to produce case studies without discovery.


Project management

Know what to do

To do a job, you have to know what to do. We know how to create case studies because we're familiar with every step in the process—from start to finish. We fine-tune every task and have a catalog of custom workflows we deploy on the backend of every project.



Speak up

Writing a complex document isn’t as simple as putting pen to paper. A case study is a multistage, collaborative endeavor. At no point will a client of worry about the state of their project. We have triggers in place to update our clients as needed, and you’ll always be the first to hear about anything that requires your input.



Simplify the complex

Our narrow offering is intentional. Specializing in customer success stories allows us to (a) improve the quality of our output through mastery of the format, and (b) increase the speed of our delivery to clients. Happy clients and high quality are the logical consequences of hyper-focus.

How We Build Your Case


Free Consultation

We learn about your project goals, answer questions and make recommendations. 



We send you our quote and contract for the project.



We set deadlines and get to work.


Interview Strategy

For every interview, we develop a set of interview questions in precise alignment with your project goals.


Interview Process

We coordinate and conduct key internal and customer interviews.



We have a brief chat with you to let you know what we learned in the interview(s).



We write, edit, proofread and design your perfect customer story.


Internal Revisions

We collect and incorporate your comments.


Customer Revisions

We collect and incorporate your customer's comments.



We send you your perfected deliverable.


Project Sign-off

You approve of the work. We confirm there are no loose ends and conclude the project.

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Tap into your most valuable asset—your happy customers

Case studies unite the power of story with customer proof to captivate readers. We ask your customers precise questions to draw out information that benefits (a) their reputation and (b) your story.

We present your customer(s) as the shrewd and wise business leader(s) that they are. When your customers look good, they’re happy, your case study is more impressive and your client’s relationship with your brand strengthens.

We look for opportunities to make your company the clear choice when prospects are comparing vendors. Whenever possible, we overwhelm your prospects with meaningful proof to validate their purchasing decision.

Stories are inherently memorable. You’re more likely to recollect a short story than a random sentence. We use the effect story has on memory to your advantage. Broadcast your company’s greatest stories into the minds of your prospects.

What other sales document allows a third-party to make your case for you? Prospects trust your customers first and your company second. We’re aware of this dynamic and take it into account when making editorial decisions.

You decide what quotes and what message get out to your leads. Case studies may seem impartial, but they aren’t journalism. Quotes from customers aren’t static and can be polished as long as your customer approves.

Do you have much time to spare? Working with us lets you delegate time-consuming work to specialists.

Your company has a measurable impact on people and organizations every day. The best case studies impress the reader by capturing the obvious value your business creates. It's our job to make that value undeniable.

Relevant stories prove beyond a reasonable doubt what’s possible with your product or service. When your prospect identifies with the protagonist of the story (your customer), they envision their success with your solution.

Happy customers are a strong competitive differentiator when little else separates you from your competitors. Case studies are one of the few proactive ways to stand out in a commoditized marketplace.

Every contact with a prospect is one more chance to tilt their preference in your favor. Our case studies keep leads engaged with your brand until they’re ready to buy. Help your sales team. Give them the tools they need to educate and stand out to future buyers.

In the discovery phase, we dive deep into the mind of your ideal reader. This exploration pays off when you get a persuasive case study that matches the interests and resolves the challenges of your reader.

B2B customer success stories
Delegate your project to us
Let us write your case studies for you.


Pricing starts at $2,000 per case study for most projects. Contact us for a quote specific to your situation.


Case studies (.docx, .pdf) range from 1-4 pages. All case studies include a summary slide (.pdf, .ppt) for presentations and branded snippets (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, .txt) for sharing the case study across marketing channels. Ask about our case study booklets.

The customer interview has a tremendous effect on a case study’s outcome. Case studies must reflect well on your company and your customers; it’s our job to strike this balance. We come to every customer interview 100% prepared.

We can write case studies for any organization or industry. Whether you’re a cybersecurity company, a solo BPM consultant, a B2C food company, or a local non-profit, we know how to tell your story.

Traditional agencies don’t have the workflows in place to compete against us in the case study market. Most agencies outsource their case studies to generalist copywriters. You benefit from our hyper-focus as we provide the steadiness of top-tier agencies.

This is a common problem. Claim your free consultation, tell us you haven’t yet settled on your customer candidate, and we’ll give you our advice and pass along some free tools we’ve created to make this task easier.

Yes. Anonymous case studies are common and often just as persuasive as named case studies. When companies don't wish to be named, anonymous case studies are the next best choice.

Capture the stories your business creates.

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Prove customer success.
Eliminate doubt. makes your
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Prove customer success. Eliminate doubt. makes your case undeniable.