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Imagine you hire an agency that writes case studies. How will your case study turn out if the agency interviews your client and asks random questions? Or worse, what if they email your client an imperfect questionnaire without conducting a formal interview?

Specific questions yield quality case studies. Many agencies will underestimate the interview portion and miss critical questions they need to ask. If they don’t understand your client, your prospect and your solutions, how will they persuade your prospects to do anything? If they don’t know what to ask and how to ask it, how will they collect the information that makes case studies persuasive?

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. You shouldn’t write a case study without taking every important factor into account. That’s why we require our Discovery Phase for every client we take on. Discovery makes your case study better.


Researching case studies



Writing a case study without understanding your solutions, your customer, and your ideal reader is like writing in the dark. The result is a mess. In this step, we collect any and all details that support your case study.

We research your brand, your products, your customer’s company, your customer and your ideal reader. If it makes sense, we conduct brief interviews with account reps, product managers or other internal staff.

Planning case studies



Once we have every piece of the puzzle, we try our best to predict the path the story will take and plan for contingencies. Sometimes the information you expect to collect from the customer doesn’t come out in the interview.

What story do we want to tell? What shape is the story likely to take based on what we know about the customer’s experience with the product or service? What’s our Plan B and Plan C if the customer interview takes us in an unexpected direction?

Developing case studies



At this point, we know our interviewee(s), your target audience and the direction we’d like to take. It’s time to assemble a set of interview questions that will capture your customer’s happy story from every angle and wow your readers.

What are the critical questions to ask? What clarifying questions can we follow-up with for maximum detail? First, we identify every question that could impact your story. Then we prioritize these questions so we ask the most important questions first.


  • 1
    You get better questions. Better questions guarantee better interviews which guarantee better case studies.
  • 2
    You get better interviews. Well-planned interviews elicit more compelling proof points and metrics from the mind of your client.
  • 3
    You get a case study that fits your brand. We research and match the voice of your brand. You get content that requires few (if any) edits.
  • 4
    You get your case study sooner. Discovery saves us time in the Production Phase. When we plan well, we write faster.
  • 5
    You get better case studies. We engineer every document that passes through the rigors of our Discovery Phase to appeal to your prospects.
  • 6
    You get more sales. A balanced document that builds a coherent case will persuade your prospects and increase sales.

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