There are at least two heroes in every case study: your customer(s) and your product. Your wise customer had the smarts to choose your solution which provided demonstrable value. Both the customer and your firm benefit from this collaboration.

If testimonials represent the best lines from a film, case studies represent the entire plot. Case studies offer the space to introduce the proof points your prospects need to make the right decision. Good case study quotes can be repurposed as testimonials.

Typically 4-6 weeks. Turnaround time varies in relation to the complexity of the project. The availability of the interviewees and reviewers markedly impacts project length. Our deadlines are always met when interviewers and reviewers are responsive.

Case studies will set you apart from the competition. Expensive business purchases need validation. Think back to the last time you purchased something online. Did you browse third-party reviews? Did those reviews make your purchasing decision easier?

There are a number of strategies we recommend your organization adopt to increase the number of leads generated per case study. We provide every customer with a consultative packet outlining how they can get maximum value out of their case study.

See our Industries page. Any organization that needs to persuade others can stand out with customer stories. Case studies are particularly useful in commoditized industries where the product or service on offer is similar to what the competition offers.

See this page. We interview anybody who can help us understand your product or service and your customer.

Case studies are traditionally 1-5 pages in length, with a length of 2-3 pages being most common. You want to be able to tell your customer’s full story—any information that will appeal to your prospects should be included.

We accept 50% payment upfront with Stripe or PayPal and send an invoice for the remaining 50% along with the first draft. We are willing to accommodate an organization’s internal payment policies on a case-by-case basis.

When you call us, we can make recommendations and point you to examples of companies getting the most out of their success stories. Check our Industries page to explore companies doing great work on this front.

Most companies should not write their own case studies, especially consulting firms. Consultants often have close relationships with their clients. This dynamic can skew the outcome (and effectiveness) of their client case studies.

How will people know your organization benefits people’s lives if you don’t tell them? Case studies let nonprofits shape their story. Nonprofits that reveal the impact their organizations have on people’s lives will have an edge winning over donors and securing grants.

No. Video case studies are great, but they’re more expensive to produce and decision makers tend to prefer written materials to video. We recommend our clients use their written case studies as a jumping off point for any video case studies they decide to produce.

We don't offer volume discounts. 

No. We focus on customer success stories because we want to be the best, most efficient customer case study provider on the market. We do include a summary slide and social media share snippets with every case study project.

Yes. Contact us for samples.